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At the new forum, your email address and username will be visible to other forum members.  If you are concerned about the visibility of your email address, please open an email account for forum use only that doesn’t contain any identity information.  For example an email name such as skyblue@gmail.com is appropriate containing not personal information. You may choose a username or we will assign one that protects your privacy. 

PLEASE CREATE YOUR NEW PRIVATE PROFILE AT THIS LINK!   By signing up for this forum you agree to these Terms of Use.

This new forum provides you an opportunity to post comments, concerns and questions regarding the issue of being a cross dresser's wife. Additionally, it is a place where we can glimpse into each other's private lives in a safe, anonymous way, to support each other and gain insight.  Indicative of the situation we face, the majority of cross dresser's wives contacting Cross Dressers Wives do not choose to participate in our Forum. If you have questions or concerns please email them to help@crossdresserswives.org.

In order to utilize services made available thru Cross Dressers' Wives, you must be or have been involved with a cross dresser and are struggling with this issue.  Those interested in bashing or venting, misinterpreting the intention behind this website, are not welcome and will be deleted without being read.