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Topic: Psychiatrists Are Learning From Tim 

Dee’s Corner

A few months ago, I received a letter that I am now sharing with all of you from a board certified psychiatrist. It was a phenomenal testimony to Tim’s unique set of tools and skills to help cross dressers and their wives. Additionally, I have spoken in length with this doctor and I concur with his findings!

Tim’s Corner

See Topic! We are so proud of you Tim!



Topic: Our Cross Dressing Family Advisor, Tim!

 My name is doctor Donald and I am a board certified psychiatrist from a large mental health clinic in a large metropolitan city in the USA. My reason for contacting you is a long story that started 7 months ago. Our clinic prides itself on the best care for its patients and clients. We have a large staff of over 40 qualified psychiatrist and psychologist analyst and counselors to cover from inpatient care to marriage counseling. It is our goal to provide the best care to every one of those that come thru our door seeking help. We have weekly meeting with all the staff to see if anyone is having or need extra assistants with clients and if needed extra staff is ready to offer their expertise. One such problem arose 7 months ago a marriage counselor asked for assistant with a couple that was having problems, that problem was the husband was a cross dresser. This couple wanted to sort their differences and save the marriage. The wife was the one that was having the most problems with this and the counselor wanted someone to help her to deal her emotional issues on this. Thinking our resident sex therapist a very qualified educated Dr. He talked with the wife and could not seem to help her deal with her emotions. At this point we as a group ask for one of the staff to research and find a solution. We have a network of clinics and doctors all over the USA and in several other countries we can tap for solutions and felt confident we could do the same in this case. I took this case thinking it would be easy to find that solution. I was surprised at the lack of knowledge in this area and got nowhere. I went to the Internet and found many cross dresser sites with bias opinions, as the wives on those site had accepted the husband. That brought me to your site. I read with interest the post on your forum and found many posts interesting the ones that peaked my interest were the ones that recommended your advisor and the post after. I read the post questioning his presents on the site and wondered why he did not post. In my professional opinion I thought something was wrong with that. I thought I could find flaws and could expose your advisor as a fraud. If only I could get him to talk with me? After thinking on the idea I emailed your advisor and ask to talk with him. To my surprise he answered my email promptly and agreed to talk. Not wanting to expose my real identity I purchased a cell phone from the local store and set an appointment with him. I soon discovered that he is a very intelligent man with ideas that are very different than what we believe as proper treatment for cross dressers and the wives. We have been talking for the last 5 months and I am the one that is amazed at his success with the couples he works with. So amazed I had the couple here contact him and I ask them not to tell him where we were and report to me only. I told them to continue with our counselor and that I wanted to know if he could do what we couldn't for them. It only took 4 weeks to make a difference. The marriage counselor thought I had told them something that helped. He observed a noticeable difference in this couple. The most significant one was the wife and her emotional well-being. This couple was on a very positive path to healing the marriage and the husband claims that his desire to dress has diminished to a level he can control. This control is something that Tim talks about at length with me. As a professional with over 30 years experience I have learned a great deal from Tim. I have spoken to 2 close associates here and they are curious but cautious as we like many other professions are set in the ways we were taught and will have negative backlash if we present what I found in the wrong way.

I am sending this email for one reason to let you know that professional are visiting your site and even though they are not posting I believe they are seeing something different that will have them think. I don't believe I am the only one that has looked at your site and want to know more from Tim and the wife's on the site. If my eyes can be open then others like me are too. I will email more to you on what has come from me contacting Tim. This email has become longer than I expected. Thank you for your time. 


Dr. Donald



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