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What is a cross dresser?

A cross dresser is overwhelmingly a heterosexual, often married, male who dresses in women's clothing. Rarely discussed is the fact that men who wear female clothing, and lingerie in particular, have heightened sexuality while dressed in women's clothing.

When does cross dressing start?

Typically men who are cross dressers started between the ages of 7-9, and most often they began by secretly wearing their mother's clothing. There is a significant difference between a young boy role-playing or dressing up with friends versus a burgeoning cross dresser.

Why didn't he tell me before marriage?

The most common answer is fear of rejection. Furthermore, many cross dressers claim that they thought getting married would end their impulses to cross dress.

Is my husband gay and/or does he want to become a woman?

Typically not. The majority of cross dressers are heterosexual men.

What about our children?

It is best to seek professional counseling from a therapist or religious leader regarding whether or not to tell the children and how to be sensitive to their age-appropriate needs.

Do I stay or do I leave?

It is clearly a personal choice. Seeking advice from a counselor, therapist or religious leader will hopefully help you see diverse options. There is no wrong answer. The choice is always yours.